Septic Inspections in West Virginia

Most inspectors routinely conduct a dye test. This involves injecting a fluorescent dye into the septic system. If the dye shows up on the surface of the ground above the drainfield, the septic system is failing.

You should also ask for an “open pit test.” This test involves pumping out the tank and removing the dirt that covers the top of the tank and distribution line. Mirrors or video cameras are then lowered into the tank so that it can be thoroughly inspected. At a cost of about $600, this test isn’t cheap. But, it’s the only way to determine the condition of the holding tank.

Since a new septic system can run as much as $15,000, this test is worth the cost. While the inspector is onsite, also ask if the septic system meets current code requirements. And, be sure to discuss your water usage needs to determine if the system is up to the task.